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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Usually we find ourselves saying "I can't believe it's Christmas already" or "where has the year gone". I am currently trying to get head around it being Easter in a few days. Not because the year has gone fast, well it has in a way, but because of this weird bubble we're all in where every day is well a day! There's no rhyme or reason to the days, they just flow. Although we are both working from home there's no real definition to the week that there was before. 

 Freya's Nourishment Flourless Chocolate Cake with Berries

Having said that, I am also very much enjoying hiding! I won't call it isolating, for me it's more being in my happy place! As an empath and introvert, my home is my sanctuary. It's where I find solace and peace, where I gather strength and 


I'm not sure what we will do for Easter this year. My mum was supposed to come and stay for a few days but obviously that can't happen now. So it will be a quiet time, I'll cook a meal to celebrate the day on Sunday, make some more easter eggs, and not much else! I'm not even sure if I'll put up the Easter decorations this year! How will you be spending Easter? 

 Freya's Nourishment Flourless Chocolate Cake with luscious vegan icing

I know I've told you in the past that I'm not a chocolate fan. It's not that I dislike it, I'm just more of a savoury girl. But I LOVE everything else about chocolate. To make it, look at recipes, dream up new desserts. I just need other people to eat it after the first bite or two haha! 

 Freya's Nourishment Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe

So this recipe was fun to make, with three chocolate components. The flourless chocolate cake is made from chickpea flour, so it's got great nutritional value too. I need to make it again from almond meal to try that - I will update this recipe once I've tested it. Then the luscious icing, so decadent and ridiculously easy to make. The first time I made it I went through a whole whipping of the cream process, and to be honest it wasn't as nice! It was very stiff and not at all shiny. Decorate with easter eggs, deliciously filled with salted caramel or plain ones. Or you can keep it simple and just pile the cake high with fresh berries. Either way, I hope you enjoy it! Keep safe, and have a lovely Easter with your household 💛🐣

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Makes one 20cm cake



120g dark chocolate (I've used Loving Earth)

2/3 cup besan (chickpea) flour

2/3 cup cacao powder

2/3 cup almond milk (or coconut/soy etc) 

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/3 cup maple syrup (or your favourite sweetener. Adjust to taste, this is on the less sweet side)

1/3 tsp baking soda 

Pinch vanilla powder

Pinch salt



1 tin of coconut milk, refrigerated overnight

150g dark chocolate

Pinch of salt




Berries - fresh and freeze dried

Easter Eggs




    1. Melt the chocolate and coconut oil together in a bowl over a pot of water on the stove 
    2. While this is melting, in a separate bowl, mix the flour and milk together to form a batter. I prefer to use a stick blender to do this, to make sure it is combined well
    3. Once the chocolate has melted, add the sweetener
    4. Then add the batter to the chocolate and fold in the cacao and the baking soda (sift both to make sure there are no lumps), vanilla and salt
    5. When it's all mixed together, pour into a 20cm tin. I use a silicon one, the first time I made this cake I didn't oil it, the second time I did. I highly recommend oiling the tin! Even if it's silicone one! 
    6. Bake in 160C preheated oven for 35-40 minutes. Check it around 35 minutes, give it a little shake and if there’s no wobble, you know the cake is done


  1. Melt the chocolate
  2. Take the coconut milk from the fridge, and scoop out the thickened milk, leaving behind the water (use this in a smoothie or curry) and stir into the chocolate
  3.  Pour onto the cake and smooth up to and over the edges. Leave to sit for a few minutes to harden before decorating



Flourless Chocolate Cake - Recipe by Freya's Nourishment 


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Eating well is a form of self respect

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Looks like such a yummy recipe. Would you be able to advise on the temperature of the oven and how long we need to cook for?

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