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3 Reasons to Use Oils for Your Skin

Long gone are the days where people baulked at the idea that oils would make your skin oily. Or do people still believe that? Why chose an oil over a moisturiser? Well you certainly don't have to chose one over the other, in fact they work beautifully together as a combined skincare routine. But moisturisers are made up of a mixture of water and oils, so the amount of oil you are getting from a moisturiser is lower than an oil. 

Our skin naturally produces oils. This is done for very good reason. It helps create a protective barrier, to hydrate and to repair our skin.

As we age, our ability to produce oil naturally diminishes and so as with all aspects of ageing, we need to give ourselves an extra little helping hand! And oils, perhaps surprisingly, are great for all types of skin. Because our skin naturally produces oils, when you feed more oil to the skin, it knows instinctively what to do with it, absorbing the nutrients provided as though your skin made them itself! 

Natural Oils

Natural oils are packed full of all the good stuff

...antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, omegas...all the delicious goodies your skin needs to replenish, hydrate, repair and fight signs of ageing. And the best way to use oils? Whether it be a facial oil or body oil, apply straight after cleansing to still damp skin. This allows the oil to lock in the extra moisture keeping your skin moisturised. If you love to customise your skin care and do a little blending, oils are fabulous added into your moisturisers to give it an extra boost - plus that means if you are travelling you can travel lighter!

Freya's Nourishment Hydrating Body Oil

So why should you be using oils on our skin?

Not only do oils protect our skin, they also feed it with much needed nutrients! And more importantly, because they are plant based and completely natural they don't contain some of the chemical ingredients that can actually add to your skin conditions. 

1. Protection

As mentioned, our skin produces its own oils to protect itself from outside attacks such as pollution, harsh weather, dirt and bacteria whilst also protecting what is inside and reducing the loss of the skin's hydration. The majority of us live in cities, and are exposed to so much pollution, dirt and grime in our every day life. When our protective "shield" is neglected or damaged, our skin becomes dull and lifeless, unevenly textured and sensitive. That is something we definitely want to avoid! Oils trap moisture, so as the oils absorb into your skin it takes water with it and keeps your skin moisturised from within

2. Nutrition 

Oils provide high doses of nutrients. The ingredients of your particular oil will determine the individual list of nutrients, but you will be getting a lovely hit of Omega-3 oils which not only help you on the inside via your healthy diet but on the outside as well, via your skin care. Omegas are anti-inflammatory which help to look after chronic conditions as well as dryness. A great source of this is Rosehip oil, found in our Rejuvenating Facial Oil

3. Prevention

As part and parcel of protecting our skin, oils help to maintain the integrity of it, keeping it strong and in optimum condition to be able to do its job. When our skin is strong and can perform the way it is meant to, it will balance dryness, keeping your skin healthy and blemish free, and without irritations or inflammations.  With this comes an even skin tone, with a more radiant and revitalised glow. 

Last week, Balanced Beauty posted a YouTube video on her channel about our Rejuvenating Facial Oil. Sally is a huge fan of this oil, not only stocking it in her salon but also using it in her treatments. She has done a few videos on her channel about the Freya's Nourishment range, so please do have a look! And coming soon will be a video on our Hydrating Body Oil so stay tuned!  

Our Rejuvenating Facial Oil was also chosen last week as The Organic Therapist's product of the week! Lindy is a big fan of our oil for sensitive skins and has also been including the oil in her treatments. 

Have you started using facial oils yet?  

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