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Fear - Winter Water Element

We are now well and truly in the depths of Winter, rugged up and hibernating. Eating warmer and more dense foods, maybe taking some weekend naps, saying no to social events. We have moved out of the Metal Element of Autumn and drop down into the Water Element of Winter. And Amanda from Auricfields Kinesiology is helping us understand the physical and emotional aspects of this season. 

The movement of water is inward. It’s a yin element. Water will always find the lowest point and come to rest.

It is the most abundant compound of the earth’s surface, covering 70 percent of the planet and comprising 60 percent of the human body (it’s a higher percentage in newborn babies than the elderly). The decline of water in the body parallels the decline in vitality and health as the body ages. Without water, the body would not survive more than a few days. It’s a natural substance that is found in liquid, solid and gas. You can see this in nature as water transforms to ice and steam. Water takes on many forms – from the puddles, springs, brooks and ponds to lakes, rivers and oceans. Water is nothing but adaptable.

 Water puddle

Water is the season of winter. This is the time of year where there is little growth, it’s a time of waiting, resting and hibernating. 

Nature is retreating to its lowest ebb; shrunk, with long cold nights ahead. That start of winter can be felt in May, but starts in June. You will start to want to spend more time indoors and think about wearing more layers.

It’s a time of meditation, containment, concentration and storing up our energy. Time to be in maintenance of our inner reserves and fuel ourselves back up. You cannot sprout new seeds or goals until you’ve gathered enough energy and strength again. If we have built up abundant reserves, we have courage and will instead of fear as we transit out of Water and into the Wood element and we are ready to move forward again with purpose.

The sense of hearing is closely related to the kidneys – one of Water element’s organs. It is said when the kidneys are healthy they can hear the five sounds.


The colour of this element is blue. Blue is a peaceful colour that diffuses all that frantic energy and calms the spirit.  However, we need to watch for ‘having the blues’ in this element, as sometimes we can sink too deeply. If we have blue or black on the side of the eyes or under the eyes, it may indicate a water imbalance or a kidney deficiency.

The sound of the Water element is groan, a sound that typically releases stress or strain. When we are in good health we could smell of fresh water. When there is an imbalance the odour could be more like a stagnant pond. 

The main emotion of the Water element is fear. Fear can affect the lower back, pelvis and legs. When there is too much fear we can sometimes lose control of our bladder and bowels. It’s in the rhetoric we use too: a chill down the spine, bowels turning to water, breaking into a cold sweat, blood turned cold, frozen with fear, shaking like a leaf. 

When we have too much fear and it becomes paralysing or traumatising, interfering with our normal functioning, this indicates an imbalance in the Water element. The other end of this element is when we repeatedly put ourselves in danger and risky situations and have no respect for common safety (i.e.; Evel Knievel).

Unresolved trauma that is held in the body/mind can profoundly affect the Water element.

We can use this element, season and energy to go within and discover the essence of our self.

Lessons to implement over the Water element season

The key lesson the water element is trying to teach us is to learn to listen to your innate knowing. It is our instincts that will keep us safe. You need to learn how to trust your instincts rather than react with fear. True power will come to manifest what you want from wisely cultivating your own inner resources and energy rather than focusing on over using your brain or burning yourself out. 

When the Water element is in balance:

  • You are adaptable to life changes, challenges and stress
  • You can flow with your emotions versus being stuck and restricted by them
  • You find it easier to overcome obstacles
  • You trust in the flow of life
  • You trust in your instincts to follow your own path and destiny.


When the Water element is out of balance:

  • You can feel reactive, fearful, nervous, anxious and panicky
  • You may lack motivation and will – or feel that you’re stuck in flight or fight mode
  • Adrenal strain and stress is also common, as is being overly driven and controlling and pushing yourself to exhaustion
  • Overthinking things, feeling restless and having a general lack of trust in yourself and the universe are also key
  • You may also feel disconnected and paranoid and see danger everywhere
  • Lower back issues, knee pain, heel pain, dark eyes, fertility issues, lack of libido, urinary tract issues and easily exhausted.


Kidney (Yin)

  • Peak time 5-7pm
  • Main function is to maintain body homeostasis by controlling the volume and composition of blood
  • It is responsible for filtering all blood, fluids & lymph, and cerebral-spinal fluid
  • Kidneys generate the brain and nervous system and control whether you go grey! 
  • Kidneys store the essence of the root of life
  • Emotional problems relating to the kidney issues can also lead to lack of creativity
  • Negative emotion: lonely, blame, resentment, sadness of the past
  • Positive emotion: deep acceptance of self, strong healthy connections with others

Problems in this area:

Kidney problems including stones, lung problems, blood pressure, dry tongue, constipation and diarrhea. Adrenal issues, back, hip and knee issues, fertility issues. Tiredness, depression, paralysing fear, hydration issues, greying hair, adrenal fatigue, poor hearing, frequent or night time urination, dizziness, poor memory, sexual issues. 

When the kidneys are being balanced the shoulders, neck, back and hips are also being balanced from a kinesiology perspective

Bladder (Yang)

  • Peak time 3-5pm
  • Main function is to store and excrete urine that has been passed down from the kidneys
  • is involved in the transportation of fluids that are necessary for the production of urine
  • the energy system of the bladder can be related to the autonomic nervous system which can regulate the fight or flight response and the calming and resting response
  • Negative emotion: feeling timid, annoyed (pissed off) with someone you are close to, holding onto old worries, jealousy, suspicion
  • Positive emotion: trusting, courageous, optimistic

Problems in this area:

Bladder and urinary issues and infections, inflammation of the bladder and urethra, incontinence, headaches and eye issues. Neck and back problems, low grade fevers, pain along the back of the legs, sinus issues, low libido and sexual issues, thirst

When the bladder is being balanced the feet, ankles, back and legs are also being balanced from a kinesiology perspective

Our main isolated emotion is fear. Fear weakens the kidneys.


Things to do to get the Water element balanced: 

  • massage
  • journalling/reflection
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • exercise
  • affimrations
  • blue foods
  • water
  • frequency music
  • shaking it out
  • dancing it out
  • get in touch with your spiritual side
  • boost your immunity
  • singing


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