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Grief - Autumn Metal Element

As the weather turns colder and the leaves drop from the trees, we move out of Late Summer and the Earth Element and into the Metal Element of Autumn. And we are joined by Amanda from Auricfields Kinesiology to learn more about this beautiful season. 

The movement of Metal is downward. We are reducing, decreasing, dropping away of something in order to preserve or give life to something. Like the trees lose their leaves, we as human become reflective in this season and see what we want to let go of representing the large intestine organ. We need to let go, to be able to receive the new and or new opportunities the Lungs. Within the Metal Element we are exploring the physical organs and the meridians of the Lungs and the Large Intestine. Metal is representative of the color white and purity and the spiritual realms, father sky and precious metals of gold and silver and gems and crystals. What stored under ground and hidden in the Earth. The treasures awaiting us, the wisdom within.

On a metaphysical level this is the hidden treasure of our own true nature.

The treasures of wisdom, self-knowledge and cutting though the ego.

The main emotion of the Metal Element is Grief.

You may have some loss or regret. You may have made an error in your life or had a lost opportunity, lost a love one or suffered from hardship. In order to be able to move on in life, we may need to accept and acknowledge the pain or loss. Look at what we need to let go of, or get over and still process. We may need to let go and cry and release, shred, allow this to happen so you can come back into balance.

 Letting Go

This is the last harvest and time to start storing food away for the colder months approaching. Nature now makes everything barer. Nature now lets go of it abundant creation of the last year in a grand final display. The leaves are changing color before they let go and drop to the ground. The climate is becoming drier, and the odor is rotten.

Rotting Apple

The energy of this season is to support a letting go of the old waste, the old and stale so the new can evolve. Grief also helps with this process will be allow it to flow. 

Lessons to Implement over the Metal Element season:

The ultimate lesson the Metal Element is trying to teach us is to learn to connect with our own inner self and spirit. When you start connecting to your own true nature again, you will value and appreciate yourself more and your own gems of wisdom, your gold inside. When you’re in this space and connected to you, you will no longer seek the recognition from others. When you feel this within yourself you will feel worthy of love and deep connection to self but also others.

When the Metal element is in balance

We appreciate the quiet time to reflect and value listening to our inner self and wisdom within

We look forward to this inward tide to be guided. We can breath deeply through the lungs.

We can let go and clear out negativity that no longer serves us through the breath and our bowels. We can grieve appropriately if we need to and have a good sense of self worth. When our Metal Element is in balance: we have great integrity, feel brave, faithful, self disciplined, organised, creative and can cut to the chase of things. We can make decision easily and lead. We can find inspiration in the element.

 Balancing scales

When the Metal element is out of balance

Our expression of grief becomes imbalanced and inappropriate or in the other extreme, it may be absent and cannot express grief. We may seek respect and recognition from the outside world as we feel a lack of worth within. We may have attachments to things i.e. possessions, attitudes and addictions. We may find it hard to bond and have close relationships.

Issues of grief, guilt, jealousy, addictions and obsessive may surface. We may wish to control, be inflexible and can get depressed in this season. Physically we may have breathing issues, respiratory –colds and flus, skin issues, digestive complaints, nose problems, dry or brittle hair, lack energy and inspiration.     


SKIN – the tissue of the Metal Element

From a Chinese medicine perspective the lungs control the skin.

The skin is therefore a tissue of the Metal Element.

The skin is a direct reflection of the health of your lungs. Imbalances then in the lung organ and meridian can then cause skin issues: dry, rough, thin or easily broken and can also manifest in excessive perspiration or lack of it. When we perspire it is a way of the body expelling toxins and waste, so a lack of it can cause a build up of toxins.

Emotional when we have skin issues metaphysically it can represents the failure to be protect or be and feel protected, Feeling irritated, angry and frustrated like someone is getting under your skin. Feeling disapproved off, invalidated or even hatred of self. Timid withdrawn, insecure, feeling second best, devalued, uncomfortable in your own skin. Issued of not belonging and putting barriers up to try and protect self and close off.

This element fortifies the skin and the hair. We may need to look at our own grooming and personal care routines. The skin is a big organ and very important in detoxification. This element can be associated with the hardness to protect our-selves, what armours are you wearing over this season, what tools and weapons are you carrying through this season.

Our skin and hair can act as armour or an antenna. We can shut off and defend ourselves or open up and attune to the vibration around us.

 Odin Hand Rescue


Lung (Yin)

  • Peak time 3-5am
  • Chief organs of respiration and an important channel of elimination
  • the lungs draw in and releases chi (energy) and regulates chi throughout the whole soul
  • Negative emotion: Grief and sadness
  • Positive emotion: acceptance 

Problems in this area:

Symptoms of sadness, yearning, weeping, intolerance and feeling unfulfilled. We may struggle with standing up for ourselves and have trouble saying no. 

When the lungs are in balance it affects the breathing and respiratory areas as well as the shoulder, elbow, arms and neck muscles.

Large Intestine (Yang)

  • Peak time 5-7am
  • Main function is to absorb the last useful products of digestion and store the waste materials until they can be eliminated
  • is very important for the metabolism of water
  • when in flow we are able to follow through with ideas to completion, be open minded, flexible and creative
  • Negative emotion: low self-worth, grief, issues with letting go of the past or possessions

Problems in this area:

When this area is out of balance we may suffer from digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, IBS, skin disorders and lowered immune system

Other areas of the body that is affected by the large intestine is the hips, legs and hamstring muscles

Things to do to get the Metal element balanced: 

  • Affirmations
  • Epsom Salt Bath
  • Sleep
  • Exercise - aerobic exercise to strengthen the lungs
  • Laughing
  • Yelling
  • Massage
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Kinesiology session
  • Tarot or psychic medium
  • Journalling
  • Crying
  • Letting go
  • Gratitude diary
  • skin brushing
  • Rest 
  • Food - white foods
  • Exfoliate


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