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How to Care for your Cuticles

Are your cuticles something you pay attention to or are they something that you ignore until there’s a tear in them? Are you aware what their role is in your nail health?


Taking care of your cuticles in fact takes care of your entire nail health. Your cuticle is, shall we say, the guard to your nail bed. It creates a barrier between your nail and the skin. This barrier is in fact a natural protection from bacteria and fungus, protecting the new nail growth further up the nail bed before it emerges. This is why it’s vital to keep the cuticle intact, uncut and whole. With breaks in the cuticle, it can allow bacteria in and provide a chance of infection.

So if you go for manicures, please don't let them cut your cuticles - and don't cut them yourself either. This can create hangnails, jagged edges that can get caught on things and tear, possibly causing infections. And the more you cut them, the more they grow. If things are really out of control and you must cut them, only cut the hanging pieces, don't go into the cuticle itself. The tips below, when done on a regular basis, will bring your cuticles back under control and they'll be in tip top shape in no time! 

 Cuticle Care with Freya's Nourishment

What is the best way to take care of your cuticles?


1. Gently push them back 

Push back your cuticles rather than cut them. As your nails grow out, it pulls the skin with them. It grips onto the nail and can drag the skin down because of the tight seal. The seal is great, it’s a perfect barrier, but can sometimes be too strong and can pull the skin tight.   

Soak your fingers in a small bowl of warm soapy water. This will soften the cuticles and allow any dirt or bacteria to be released. Once soft, gently push back your cuticles with your thumbnail. You can even do this in a warm shower or bath. 


2. Moisturise & massage them

Dry cuticles can tear, they can rip and they can create tags of skin that lifts and gets caught on things. Some of us are prone to very dry cuticles, the same way some of us have dry skin. Moisturising your cuticles on a regular basis keeps them soft, supple and smooth. Massaging the nail bed and cuticle increases circulation and blood flow, encouraging healthy nail growth.


Add a drop of our Enriching Cuticle Oil to each nail and gently massage for a few moments until the oil has absorbed in. If your cuticles are especially dry you might benefit from doing this morning and night. Otherwise nightly, as you go to bed to allow the oils the full night to be on your skin. Oh, and don’t forget your toes! They have cuticles too!

 Freya's Nourishment Enriching Cuticle Oil

What is so special about our Enriching Cuticle Oil?


We use some beautiful ingredients to help you maintain healthy and beautiful nails.

Organic rice bran oil is:

  • naturally rich in minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins
  • high in Squalane, which is naturally produced in our skin’s sebum but it reduces as we age.
  • said to improve circulation and encourage skin regeneration
  • a deeply hydrating and fast absorbing oil 

Organic grapeseed oil:

  • is a light oil that is easily absorbed into the skin
  • has one of the highest levels of linoleic acid than all carrier oils, which helps moisturise the skin and support wound healing

Organic horsetail powder:

  • is a herb known for its high silica content
  • is known to strengthen brittle nails and is wonderful for skin as it is antimicrobial and antibacterial

Vitamin E to strengthen brittle nails, hydrate the skin and improve blood circulation.

Essential oils of Frankincense, Lavender & Myrrh for dry, chapped & injured skin, to promote strong healthy nail growth whilst moisturising the skin. These essential oils also help prevent nail fungus and soothe inflamed cuticles


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