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Livkraft’s Award-winning all natural skin care products

Here at Livskraft, we're proud to be creating all-natural, organic and clean skincare and beauty products. We're humbled and honoured to have received awards in the  The Clean and Conscious Awards (formerly the Australian Non-Toxic Awards). We'd love to share our award-winning self-care range with you! Here's the list…

Revive Rose Hand Scrub 

What did we win?

First prize and the Editor's Choice award in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020.

You can purchase the Revive Rose Hand Scrub alongside fellow award-winning Enrich Cuticle Oil in our Hand Care Kit

What makes Livskraft Rose Hand Scrub wonderful? 

The Revive Rose Hand Scrub gives tired hands a little pampering and protection, featuring the exfoliating power of Australian sea salt, magnesium, potassium and calcium for nourishing skin cells. Plus, apricot kernel oil and vitamins A and E help to soften the skin and retain its elasticity and suppleness.

We have also blended in carrot seed and pomegranate oils to help with the appearance of dry ageing skin and rose oil for reducing scarring and giving your hands a fresh, youthful appearance. A dash of rosemary oil, with its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, leaves your hands with a healthy glow.

Love for the Revive Rose Hand Scrub

"This is such a unique and extremely sensory and luxurious product. The smell of the roses and the rubbing of the beautiful petals into my hands, combined with the exfoliation of such a highly sensitive area, is a self-care process that makes my mind and senses present in this special experience. When rinsed, my hands are incredibly smooth with a nourishing layer of oils to rub in, and I immediately can't wait to do it all over again another day."

Your Rose Hand Scrub ritual

Keep a jar by the sink and use it on wet hands after washing. It'll soon become a therapeutic and grounding daily ritual – and with continued use, you'll notice a big difference in the health of your hands and the softness of your skin. The Rose Hand Scrub is also a lovely remedy for tired feet.

Enrich Cuticle Oil 

What did we win?

Gold in the 2021 Clean + Conscious Awards for Hand Care.

You can purchase the Enrich Cuticle Oil alongside fellow award-winning Revive Rose Hand Scrub in our Hand Care Kit

What makes Livskraft Enrich Cuticle Oil wonderful?

This enriching oil is formulated to help heal and strengthen your skin and nails while encouraging growth.


Our cuticle oil helps repair damaged skin around the nail bed, keeping the skin supple and hydrated, supporting nail health and growth. Well-moisturised cuticles stop the skin from catching and prevent the temptation of biting the loose skin.  


Your Enrich Cuticle Oil ritual

Apply a drop to each nail (fingers and toes) and massage into the nail bed and cuticles in circular motions. Apply once or twice a day, or as needed.

Love for the Enrich Cuticle Oil

"Applying this beautiful cuticle oil is a true act of self care. It contains a divine blend of some of my favourite essential oils, including frankincense and myrrh. After a few weeks of use, my cuticles are soft and healthy, while my nails are stronger. I appreciate the brand's efforts to produce sustainable packaging and offset carbon emissions."

  •  Emma Freeman, expert panellist

Restore Skin Balm

Livskraft Woman Restore Award Winning Balm 

What did we win?

Bronze in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2022 Hand Care Category.

What makes Livskraft Restore Skin Balm wonderful?

This beautiful balm uses some stunning ingredients to help dry or damaged skin recover, hydrate and heal. We have used candelilla wax to thicken this balm, a vegetable wax obtained by boiling the stalks of a wild-growing herbaceous plant, making this beautiful balm vegan like all of our other products. 


Your Restore Skin Balm ritual

Apply to your skin multiple times throughout the day, where needed. Great for fresh tattoos, grazes, blisters or burns, rashes, chapped lips, insect bites, sunburn, cuts and irritations. 

Love for the Restore Skin Balm

"An unctuous blend of beautiful skin-loving oils and butters such as shea, macadamia, calendula scented with lavender, woods and frankincense. I'm impressed with the brand's dedication to reusing packaging materials and their work with Greenfleet. Reusing is always better than recycling and infinitely better than repurchasing!"

–Sigourney Cantelo, expert panellist

Smudge Energy Clearing Mist 

Livskraft Home Award Winning Smudge Energy Clearing Mist

What did we win? 

Gold 2 in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2022.

What makes Livskraft Smudge Energy Clearing Mist wonderful?

Smudging is one of life's little saviours, but it's not always possible to burn sage wherever you are. With our gentle mist, you can heighten the energy of your space for an instant pick-me-up, dispel bad vibes and shake off the energy of the day.

Your Smudge Energy Clearing Mist ritual

Spray this crystal-infused mist around your body and workspace, in your car or when you get home after a long day. Spray around the house after cleaning to enhance a refreshed, balanced feeling.

Spritz around your house before guests arrive, inviting them into a cleansed space that immediately helps them feel comfortable. Smudge is also much loved by retailers who use it to cleanse the energy of their store after a day of trading – plus, it has a lovely scent.

This is an essential item to bring with you on holiday. Spritz around your accommodation when you first arrive to cleanse it from other people's energy, and you will be able to relax fully! 

Love for the Smudge Energy Clearing Mist

"This product is a beautiful mist that adds a great air of inspiration and clarity to both my work and meditation space. I am excited that I found a new ritual in preparing my space for meditation. I strongly resonate with Freya's Nourishment's decision to focus on quality over price while ensuring to tick recycling, carbon and give back initiatives. This is a great ethical building block to a business."

  • Renee Carpenter, expert panellist

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