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Why An Attitude Of Gratitude Will Change Your Life – 5 Easy Steps To Getting There

You’ve heard the expression ‘Count your blessings’ and when tragedy strikes we do recall what we are grateful for.

We clearly see what we have and we hold it close.

Having an attitude of gratitude or a grateful mindset is when you don’t need to count the blessings, your blessings are your platform for life and you step into each day, from there.

So, instead of approaching tasks or work with a mindset of ‘I have to…’ you say ‘I get to …’

This simple attitude shift allows a feeling of opportunity, hope and positivity.

A grateful mindset is not the same as a cheerful disposition enjoyed by the lucky few.

It’s a skill.

A skill you can work on, every day.

And how will this shift in attitude change your life?

Think flow-on effect. When you express your gratitude – even in the tiniest way – the flow on effect is like a ripple in the ocean that turns into a tsunami.

You’ll find people respond to you differently. You’ll start feeling luckier, more resilient and like there are more opportunities coming your way.

And best of all: They will be.


Here are 5 steps to achieving an attitude of gratitude . . .


  1. Press pause on wanting

It seems natural for humans to want. We want to achieve, we want to be more, have more and to get more. And we spend a lot of time on this. It is vital to stop and recall what we already have, in the Now.

Instead of approaching your life with a sense of lack you approach it with a feeling of present day abundance. Which of course attracts more abundance. Look at the basics and be grateful. Your health, the roof over your head, the sun on your skin, the great coffee, your loving partner . . . If you concentrate on what you already have, you’ll always have more. Think of that cup - overflowing.


  1. Write it down

Starting a gratitude journal is as simple as writing down three things you are grateful for each day. The act of listing what we are grateful for will start impacting your mindset. You are reprogramming your mind to appreciate what’s around you - and inside you - and this positive shift will make you more optimistic. A gratitude journal helps you to be present with your own achievements, boosting your self-esteem and grounding you when life inevitably doesn’t go your way.  

Journal for Gratitude 

  1. Make being grateful your nightly meditation

Gratitude meditation is a type of meditation that focuses on expressing gratitude for the things in your life – and not just the good things. It’s important to be grateful for all things – difficult people, challenges, obstacles and frustrations. See these things as an opportunity to grow. 

Meditate for Gratitude 

  1. Be grateful for YOU

Each day, remember three things you did well. No matter how small. Be grateful for your own tenacity, diligence, patience or just your hanging-in-there-no-matter-what approach. Be grateful for your past – it has brought you to this point, after all. Be grateful for all the mistakes you’ve made, they were needed to prepare you for Right Now and for What’s Coming Next. Being grateful for the people in your life includes YOU.


  1. Pay the love forward

You know that feeling when you’ve literally made someone’s day? You’ve complimented a stranger on their outfit, you gave a special thanks to your barista, your neighbour . . . Acknowledging other people and thanking them for inspiring, helping or supporting you holds great power. Small acts of kindness and gratefulness add up. And they all flow back to yep, YOU.

Ps; It’s a fact that grateful people take better care of themselves and manage stress in a healthier way. Focusing on contentment effectively counters stress. Simply, you’ll feel healthier and happier when you are intentionally and actively grateful.

Start today.


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