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Why you should reassess your skincare routine in winter

Do you notice how much your skin changes in the colder months? Whether you realise it or not, your skin in winter is thirsty. So how do you keep your skin hydrated and minimise damaging factors throughout winter?

What causes your skin to change in cold weather?

The main culprits for lack-lustre skin during wintery weather are:

  • Dehydration
  • Cold air and wind
  • Artificial heating
  • Low humidity

Ways to protect your skin in cold weather include:

  • Drinking plenty of fluids, even if you’re not feeling as thirsty as you do on hot days.
  • Using the right moisturiser to protect your skin. A thick moisturiser can be good in winter.
  • Avoiding too much time by the heater. Try rugging up instead, angling the car vents away from your face, and drinking lots of water if you’re in an artificially heated space.
  • Investing in a humidifier, especially if you’re noticing your skin is becoming dry or flaky or feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Adapting your skincare routine for cold weather

As the weather changes, so should your skincare. Different environmental factors can affect the way your skin looks and feels and what it needs. Here’s the rundown of what skin care products you should use in winter, when and where to use them.

Skincare for your face during cold weather:

Don’t. Skip. The. SPF.
Sunscreen is an all-the-time thing. It helps protect your skin from UV damage – UV is still sneaking through on those gloomy, cloudy skies in July! 

Use a hydrating face mask.

A face mask can help detoxify, cleanse and hydrate your face to counteract winter’s dryness. Try our brightening Pink Clay & Rose Petal Mask or detoxifying Ghassoul Clay Charcoal Mask to help reinvigorate your skin.

Clay mask tip: don’t allow clay to dry completely as this can have an overly drying effect!

Happy Mask GIF by Vasanti Cosmetics


Try a face oil.

Thirsty winter skin loves a big drink! Face oil can be great for all skin types – in some cases of oily skin, you’re producing excess oil in reaction to a lack of moisture, so an oil or heavy moisturiser can help a lot, even though it seems counterintuitive. Our Rescue Face Oil can help protect against the elements for a perfect winter skincare option. Our Rejuvenate Face Oil offers anti-blemish and anti-ageing results.


Skincare for your body during cold weather


Dead skin cells can take longer to slough away during winter. You might like to up your exfoliation in cold months to stimulate blood flow and help brighten your complexion (winter can leave skin a bit tired and dull!). 

Exfoliated skin may also absorb moisture better, so you’ll be getting more from your hydrating products. Try our Nourish Shea Scrub, it is so beautifully moisturising you won't even need to use Hydrate Body Oil when you get out of the shower! 


Arms and legs

Areas with fewer oil-producing glands need extra moisture, especially in cold seasons. Ensure you’re exfoliating and hydrating your limbs for smooth, healthy skin all over. Another way to give a hydration boost is to add Hydrate to your bath (is your favourite Hydrate Woman or Hydrate Man?)

Hands and feet

Your hands and feet need love, too, even if they’re in thick socks or gloves most of the time! Washing your hands frequently through this cold and flu season is a good health measure, but it can leave your hands dry, cracked or itchy. Our award-winning Revive Hand Scrub can reinvigorate your hands and feet and makes for a lovely mindful ritual as you gently smoothen your hands and feet after they help you walk, cook, read and do all the things you love each day. 

Livskraft Woman Revive Rose Hand Scrub

Our Bath Salts make for a lovely foot soak to help relax your muscles and improve circulation. Use our Body Oil anywhere your skin is feeling dry or dull, or preventatively! 

Bonus tips for your winter skincare routine

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Please drink water.
  • Food with healthy fats like walnuts and fish can help keep your skin supple.
  • Damp skin can absorb moisture better, so try to moisturise within three minutes (or as soon as possible after your shower).
  • Avoid overly hot showers, as hot water can dry out your skin. At least try to end with a blast of cold water – good for your skin and immune system!

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