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Blue Majik Sea Foam Raw Cheesecakes

Raw cheesecakes are a constant in my house. Different flavours, some on repeat and some on demand.

When I started making raw cheesecakes I made a large cake. Now I always make mini ones - they are much easier to serve, to store and to eat. Sometimes I go through a phase of making cheesecakes so with the mini ones you can keep a variety of flavours in the freezer and they ready for serving at a moment’s notice – well, I do like mine defrosted and straight from the fridge but I know some who prefer them frozen.

 Spirulina is said to be the most nutrient dense food on the planet

containing 50%-70% protein and all of the essential amino acids. It has benefits such as detoxifying the body of heavy metals, eliminating candida which is of huge benefit to those of us with leaky gut, it is said to help prevent cancer by increasing anti bodies and immunity to help ward off infections and chronic illnesses such as cancer, it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and our chance of stroke. Spirulina also boosts energy and eases sinus issues.

If you’re on Instagram you would probably have seen Blue Majik,

the blue spirulina powder from E3Live that is making so many pages vibrantly blue! I love it, it adds such a beautiful colour to your foods naturally but also provides such wonderful nutrients. The colour comes from high quantities of the pigment phycocyanin. This Blue Majik powder is what I have used in these cheesecakes but of course I understand that not everyone will have or will want to buy this powder. Another alternative to get the beautiful vibrant colour is “Crystal” Organic Butterfly Pea tea by Life of Cha. This tea also has wonderful health benefits being high in antioxidants.  Alternatively, you could just add more blueberries to give a deeper purple colour. Either way, the flavour and colour will be delicious! If using the Butterfly Pea tea (pictured below), please note the vivid blue tea turns purple when you add lemon so you may want add the lemon at the last minute just to the white part of the cheesecake if you want to keep the colour bluer.


I hope you enjoy this, especially knowing how beneficial it is to your health! 

If you make this I’d love to hear your thoughts, and of course see what you make! Don’t forget to tag @freyasnourishment #freyasnourishment




1 ½ cup pecans

¼ cup activated buckwheat (buckinis)

1 tbsp coconut oil



2 cups cashews – soaked overnight or an hour in hot water

½ cup coconut oil

¼ cup blueberries

¼ cup lemon juice (or ¼ cup steeped Butterfly Pea tea)

2 tbsp maple or coconut syrup

1 heaped scoop of E3 Live Blue Majik – or more depending how vivid you want your colour

2 heaped tbsp coconut milk with the thick topping (see notes)

Pinch vanilla salt (see notes)




 Blend base ingredients together. The buckinis will keep a little crunch

Press into individual moulds or into a spring form tin if making a whole cake

Freeze while making the filling



Rinse and drain your cashews

Add all ingredients to the blender except the Bule Majik and mix until smooth

Remove 12 generous tablespoons of the mix from the blender and set aside in a bowl before adding the Blue Majik to the mix and blending until combined. If you are using the Butterfly Pea tea instead, add the steeped cooled tea at this stage (the consistency should be the same as you are omitting the lemon juice of the same quantity)

Spoon the blue mix over the base then top with a generous spoon of the white mix. Using a skewer swirl the two layers together to get the effect you want  

Set in the freezer for 4 hours for the individual sizes, longer for the whole cake (6-8 hours)

Decorate with edible flowers, more buckinis and blueberries



I always keep a can of coconut milk in the fridge. It’s a great way to separate the thick coconut from the water. For this recipe I used to top thick layer of the cooled can of coconut milk. I then use the remaining milky water in a smoothie so nothing is wasted

Vanilla salt is a constant in my pantry, and I just love it! I mix together vanilla powder and Celtic salt and always have a jar prepared. It’s a great way to add salt to your desserts without it being over powering. The vanilla seems to soften the salt and it adds a delicious kick to both savoury and sweet dishes.



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