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Warm Chia Pudding

The chia pudding. Hands down, my all time favourite breakfast. I have to stop myself ordering it when I'm out for breakfast since I eat it so much at home. I love the blank canvas of it, and the ease of it. It goes with any flavour at all, any topping. The texture allows you to add all sorts of different things to it, although some don't like the texture. I don't really understand that but we're all different!

I do miss my chia puddings in the Winter. I have them occasionally but I prefer warming dishes in Winter - like my Warm Smoothie from my last post. 


Last year I made a chia porridge but it was awful and I didn't dare do it again! Until this year....


I have enough to do in the mornings (as do all of us!) so I like to make a large mason jar of vanilla chia pudding and leave it in the fridge. It does me for a few days and I can alternate flavours on the day, depending on what's in the fruit bowl and fridge, and more importantly my mood - adding cacao, acai, matcha, the choices are endless. One morning I fancied a chia pudding but I was still so wintery numb from walking the dogs that I desperately needed something to warm me up. If you saw my Warm Smoothie you'll know I am so limited in what I can have with grains and starches so I thought I'd try one more time on this warm chia pudding malarkey! I poured some of my pre made chia pudding into a saucepan to warm it up and bam, I am thoroughly addicted! I have alternated this between smoothies and that's my winter breakfast done! 


I have tried so many options of this warm chia pudding. Cacao, persimmon, apple pie, mashed strawberry, vanilla, have as many options for this if not even more than your regular cold chia breakfast. 


You'll see in the recipe I've added LSA at the end of the warming process. I make my own version of it replacing the almonds with pumpkin seeds and linseeds as almonds are not really my friend and I'd rather save them for raw cakes! I have also used psyllium which also works a treat. Trust me when I say flax meal does not! I have been alternating Pure Harvest Coco Quench milk with homemade hemp milk. The amount below will be enough for a generous breakfast.

My current favourite flavour is cacao topped with Loving Earth raw caramel chocolate - it melts gorgeously into the chia pudding - and of course you know I need my contrasts so it's goji berries for some chewiness, Pure n Free coconut yoghurt for a hit of cold and activated buckwheat for crunch. But check out this flavour or this flavour too, and one posted by Amy @chocdaisy! 


When Naomi Sherman makes your recipe, look how beautiful it turns out!
Her version is with pickled blueberries! 




3 tbsp chia seeds

1 cup milk of your choice

Pinch of vanilla powder

1 tbsp LSA or psyllium



Mix all ingredients except the LSA in a jar and shake until mixed. Leave in the fridge overnight

Pour into a saucepan and heat on low

Add any fruits or powders and stir in. You may need to add a drop more milk

At the end, stir in the LSA

Serve with your favourite toppings




What are your favourite chia pudding toppings? 

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