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Hygge Self Care Rituals - Face Mask

Hygge. A word that has become part of the English language in recent years. One word that takes so many in English to explain what it actually means. It comes from a Norwegian word meaning well-being, it means seeking refuge and safety from the outside. It came into the Danish language in the 18th century so is very much ingrained into the psyche of Danish life. It's about being comfortable with the people you are with, with a level of comfort coming from the chairs you sit in, the food and drink you consume, being able to relax and feel free. 

Hygge with Freya's Nourishment

The Danes have hygge (embracing ambience and wellbeing), the Dutch have gezellig (a connection to the place and the people in it), the Swedes have lagom (in perfect balance), and the Finns have kalsarikanni (getting drunk at home with your pants off – google it, it’s true!). All fabulous words and their definitions so wonderfully apt, yet we sadly don't have anything like them in our own language. 

It's a word I grew up with and have understood since I was a child. And it’s an essence I add to all of Freya’s Nourishment products, to create something that encompasses many aspects not only so they feel good on your skin, but the scent, the way they make you feel when you use them, the way they affect you emotionally, how you feel after using them and the little ritual you create for yourself in which to use them. It’s all part of it.

Freya's Nourishment Rejuvenating Facial Oil in Salon use

Today I have for you a face mask that will help your beautiful skin glow. The oats will help restore the moisture in your skin and help with any itchiness associated with the dryness (try adding a cup to your favourite bath salts), the maple syrup is a great plant based alternative to honey for the skin. It can help to lower inflammation and reduce redness as it is high in antioxidants, the yoghurt is cooling, geranium essential oil is beautifully balancing for the skin and promotes clear, healthy skin and cell regeneration. And emotionally, geranium is a heart centre oil, so it helps to release anger, to heal and to manage overwhelming emotions. Turmeric is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant - this shouldn't stain your skin but be sure to use organic powder as non-organic may include colorants. If it does stain your skin, coconut oil will remove it! 


The art of making a scrub yourself, taking the time to create something just for you - or you and a loved one - to sit back and enjoy, is in itself hyggelig. Like the homemade cakes the Danes love to share with their loved ones. So light some candles, boil the kettle, get your favourite blanket ready and sit back nurturing your skin for a few minutes while sipping on your favourite tea. Or, as in the photo below, mother and daughter having fun together with our Matcha Face Mask

Freya's Nourishment Matcha Face Mask 

Soothing Face Mask

2 tbsp quick oats

3 tbsp plain yoghurt ( I use coconut but use any yoghurt you like) 

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp organic ground turmeric

3 drops geranium essential oil


Mix all ingredients together to form a smooth paste

Apply to your beautiful clean face and allow to sit for 15 minutes

I like to wipe gently with a tissue to remove the bulk of the mask, before rinsing my face thoroughly with tepid water 

Oats for Skincare with Freya's Nourishment

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