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Naturally Glowing Skin in Isolation

In Australia, it's been two months now that we've been in some form of isolation. We are very lucky, in Europe and other parts of the world it's been a lot longer. How has this affected you? Physically, emotionally, what effects has it had on your body, your mind, your skin? 

Has your skin become dull and lifeless?

Some of us are working from home, others have unfortunately been stood down. No matter our situations, we are at home more than we have ever been. We're experiencing a lot less movement, sitting for longer hours of the day. No more running around doing things, we are either sitting at our home computers a lot longer each day without any commuting, or perhaps we are lazing around watching Netflix. Whilst this slows our bodies, it also slows our circulation which has a huge impact on our skin. Plus we are not going outside as much which means?? Less vitamin D, less fresh air. Of course this will affect our skin. 


Our diets have also changed. We no longer have the routine of set snack and meal times, so perhaps we are grazing more, baking more, having maybe 5 small meals a day - or not so small! A lot of us are supporting our local cafes and restaurants by having more takeaways than usual. Resulting in clogged pores and breakouts. 

 Livskraft Green Tart with Charred Vegetables

Green Tart with Charred Vegetables

And then of course, the one thing that affects every aspect of our bodies - stress! And with that, anxiety. Uncertainty about our jobs, our health, our futures, our finances - these can all result in changes to our stress hormones which can impact our skin. Is your eczema, rosaeca or dermatitis worse? These are all autoimmune conditions and are greatly affected by stress. Has your skin broken out with acne? 


This is not to try and depress you! Rather, bring it to your consciousness so you can understand why your skin is having a hissy fit. How can you turn this around? We also chat with Sally, owner of Balanced Beauty in Bentleigh, about her best tips for glowing skin in isolation. Balanced Beauty, who is celebrating their 8th brithday this month, is a stockist of the Freya's Nourishment range and Sally also uses many of our products in her treatments. 

Maintain your skincare routine

Maintenance is key. Continue with your regular skincare routine, or if you are adding in new products keep the changes to a minimum. Add one product at a time, allow the skin to get used to it for a week or so, before adding more. If you find you now have the time to do a mask that's fabulous! But don't do them every day. Like eating a whole bag of lollies, your skin will become overstimulated by too many new products or routines and it will stop your skin from functioning as it should. 

Sally implores "don’t skip on your cleaning routine morning and night. Even if we are staying home and not wearing makeup, doesn’t mean we can skip on our skin cleansing routine"

Use a good cleanser and moisturiser or facial oil - Sally is a big fan of our Rejuvenating Facial Oil and uses it in her beautiful facial treatments. Whatever cleanser you use, make sure it doesn't strip all of the natural oils from your skin and all products should avoid harsh fragrances. When your skin has flared up, gentle and natural is best. 

Livskraft Rejuvenating Facial Oil  


"Exfoliating is key for healthy skin!" Sally explains that "exfoliating 1-2 times a week promotes cell turnover. Renewal of fresh new plumping cells. It's vital for youthful, clear, glowing  skin" 

If your skin is inflamed, don't exfoliate! Just leave your skin alone, give it time to heal and let it settle down. Once it has cleared up then start exfoliating again. You will make things much worse if you exfoliate over raw and sensitive skin. 

Regular exercise 

Keep up your usual exercise routine, don't stop that. But try also to go for a couple of walks a day, if allowed. Even if it's just around the block. If you think of all the walking you would normally do in one day (5,000-8,000 steps) just by walking as part of your commute to work, to and from the kitchenette to get your coffee or water, a walk at lunchtime, your commute home, via the supermarket etc. How much of that are you doing now? It's going to be hard to keep up your usual routine but by moving more it will get your circulation flowing and it will help you manage your stress levels more by clearing your mind and feeling more alert. All of which reflects on your skin. 

Eat well 

A good diet is vital for clear skin. Eating whole foods with a low GI that allows the body to slowly break down the food results in a more even blood sugar level. A balanced diet avoiding processed, fried foods and those laden with hormones also helps prevent skin problems. 

Sally also says water is your skin's best friend! Support your skin by keeping hydrated all day long. 

 Livskraft Pimped Up Water

Livskraft Pimped Up Water


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